My Approach

There is already enough rushing and pressure in our lives! I strive to practice psychotherapy in a way that allows space and time to step outside of the daily rush. Time to sort through your life experiences, search for meaning and gain a better understanding of yourself and how you want to move forward in life.  Therapy offers this unique space to work on your most difficult challenges and questions–and also to rediscover forgotten strengths. 

Just as our bodies have natural ways to heal from injuries, so do our psyches have natural ways to heal from emotional wounds. Storytelling, moving, drawing, writing, weaving, painting, sculpting, playing games, music making and many other practices are inherently healing. Children naturally turn to many of these activities in times of tumult or crisis. As adults, we sometimes need to relearn and remind ourselves of these natural healing practices. I tailor my sessions to each person’s comfort level, using a combination of talk therapy and expressive arts.

By investing time in therapy to work through your thoughts, emotions and questions, you’ll discover unexpected connections, develop new ways of understanding the problems that have been bothering you and reset your course in the direction of your choosing. 

Grief Counseling
Each loss is unique and deserves more than a cookie-cutter approach. With over 15 years experience in the field of grief and loss, I understand how difficult grief can be. I welcome and honor all types of death and non-death losses in my office.   

Expressive Arts Therapy

I use simple tools that do not require any previous experience with art. The process of expressing yourself creatively is therapeutic. If it has been awhile since you expressed yourself creatively, it may be as easy as starting with a scribble.  Expressive arts therapy may also be a jump start to creativity in other areas of life.

Walk and Talk Therapy 

Walk and Talk sessions are held in a park within close proximity to the counseling office after an initial in-office or video meeting. Walk and talk therapy taps into the power of movement combined with the natural setting as part of your therapy process.  (Walk and Talk sessions are on hold until Mid-October or Early November 2021)


Dreams often seem strange and mysterious, yet they often hold valuable information about your current situation in life.  If you are interested in dreamwork, I will guide you through established techniques to gain deeper understanding of dream imagery.