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Updating your Grief Theory & Practical Interventions

If the first, and only, person you think of when you think about grief is Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, then this is the right workshop for you!  A lot has happened in the field of grief and bereavement since Kubler-Ross’ groundbreaking work. Come expand your knowledge of this difficult but important topic.

Date and Time:  ******Cancelled*****May 6, 2022 Look out for future dates!

Live Webinar: on Zoom

6.00 Core LPC Hours-Approved by

Program Description:

Although grief is one of the most common human experiences, Grief and Loss is not a required class in most master’s level counseling programs.  Despite the fact that there has been a great deal of research contributing to theories of grief and bereavement in the last 20 years, many counselors are still primarily using the Five Stages model to assist bereaved clients.  We now know that grief rarely unfolds in these stages.  And relying on them, often unintentionally sets bereaved individuals up for a sense of failure. This workshop will provide you with an updated understanding of grief and bereavement so that you can practice responsibly with your grieving clients.  We will spend most of the afternoon learning and practicing interventions that can be brought back into your clinical practice.

Objective 1: Name and describe at least two contemporary understandings of grief along with other key terms and definitions related to grief, mourning and bereavement.

Objective 2: Recognize ways that grief may impact existing DSM 5 disorders/conditions.  

Objective 3: Learn at least three interventions for use in working with bereaved individuals or groups.