Why Walk & Talk?

Is sitting on the couch a requirement for good therapy? As we learn more about the mind-body connection, therapies that incorporate physical movement are gaining more and more attention. Walk & Talk sessions are one way to add physical movement to psychotherapy.

Why is Walk & Talk helpful?

Walking is generally considered beneficial for both emotional and physical health. The simple repetitive process of walking allows the body and mind to work together to manage emotions, stress and anxiety. Oftentimes, depression causes a big drop in energy making even basic daily tasks feel quite difficult. Walk & Talk therapy is one way to start building some momentum. Walking in nature provides a great opportunity to ground ourselves through the five senses. And, short exposure to natural sunlight is often helpful for mental health.

How Does it Work?

Typically, Walk & Talk sessions last 45-minutes to 1-hour and take place in local parks or other natural areas. I will follow your lead in terms of pacing and distance. And, we will stick with well-travelled trails that are easy to walk. Just as in the office setting, I will listen closely to your feelings and concerns as we search for greater insight and practical tools. Most Walk & Talk routes have spaces to sit and rest for a bit while continuing your therapy session. If you have a medical concern, you may want to consult with your doctor before trying Walk & Talk.

Walk & Talk therapy may also open up a different perspective on your life journey. You may be surprised how far you can go taking things one step at a time, literally!

If you think Walk & Talk maybe helpful for you, give me a call or email today to learn more!

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