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Old Dreams…New Year

Old Dreams….What to do with them?  It seems that most of our focus at year’s end is setting intentions or even resolutions for the new year.  When these resolutions don’t take hold we often get into a spiral of negative self-blame.
Before moving toward new goals and setting resolutions, I think it’s important to acknowledge our old dreams.  Take the time to consider if there is a goal you dreamed about, hoped for, imagined and even worked toward that has run it’s course.  Maybe it no longer feels right for you, or has been updated with something that fits you better.  Maybe you have achieved your dream…and now it doesn’t seem as magical as it once did.  Maybe you have an old dream that is simply not possible any longer.
These old dreams can still have an emotional hold on us.
How might we acknowledge the role these important dreams have played in our lives, and grieve for the ones that have (metaphorically) died?
Are there some old dreams that want to be revitalized and given new life?
Are there people who you might want to join with you in this process?
How would you express your process creatively, through music, movement, visual art?
Give yourself the gift of some time to contemplate any old dreams that have come up recently and create your own ritual to honor them.  And, if needed, lay them to rest.
You may be better able to consider your hopes and dreams for 2020 after taking time to honor these old dreams.
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