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Winter Blues? Tip #4: Appreciation

The gray skies are back in Atlanta today. Even though reduced sunlight and cold temperatures may be difficult to take, there are also many gifts of Winter. We recently witnessed a complete lunar eclipse–the night sky is more easily visible to us without the full leafy trees of Summer. (I know, I’m searching hard for the upside 🙂 And, like other creatures, we may benefit from time to ‘hibernate’ and reflect on our hopes for the year ahead. Winter is a chance to slow our pace, take stock, and consider our intentions going forward. Look for small things you appreciate about your life or the Winter Season. The coldest days may be the best ones to imagine yourself around the hearth fire and nourish your connection to yourself–listening for your own inner wisdom. Or, head out to the Fernbank Planetarium and Observatory for a closer view of the winter night sky:
If you missed the ‘super blood wolf moon’, check it out at the NASA site here:…/how-to-watch-the-only-total-lun…/

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