Winter Blues?

During winter months, sunlight is limited and especially this year in Atlanta, we have had some extra-grey, cloudy, rainy days. For those who are sensitive to this change in light it may feel more difficult to get out of bed and to stay positive over the winter months. Today is a rare sunny day….and the perfect opportunity to talk about the #1 item in beating the Winter Blues:

1) Chase the Sun–or at least stumble slowly towards it 
Even when it feels too cold to stay outside, find a way to bask in sunlight each day. Look for patches of sunlight through the window; open the blinds in your office, or step outside during your lunch break. If you are able, consider taking a few days away to a sunnier spot. If getting up in the morning is a struggle, consider using an lamp that mimics the sun’s rays or an alarm clock that incorporates gradually increasing light…sending the signal, it’s time to wake from your Winter slumber.

My favorite winter sunlight spot: Backyard hammock, with a blanket if necessary.
What is yours?

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